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Getting the right design is critical to the success of your website. We blend form and functionality with a clean, eye-catching look to fit your business to a T. If you're interested in discussing a design strategy to fit your needs, please take a moment and fill in the survey below.

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your name:
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What are the primary goals of your site? (check all that apply)
Simple online presence to provide contact info
Advertise products/services
Sell products/services (Online Catalog / Shopping Cart)
Provide information for current customers/members
Attract new customers/members
Which technologies would you like to take advantage of?
Shockwave / Flash
Streaming Audio / Video
Online Catalog / Shopping Cart 
Guestbook / Feedback Form
Mailing List (Email)

In about a paragraph or two, please tell us a little about your choices above and how you'd like to use them on your site. 

Things to ask yourself when thinking about the design of your site: 

Why am I building a site?
Who is my target audience?
What do they want from me?